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Open a corporate accounts with Liberty Yellow Cab for an easier way to track your transportation expenses and simplify your billing.

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IMPORTANT POLICY – Please understand that Liberty goes to a great length to protect their clients from account fraud by labeling their accounts “Confidential”. Upon calling the company to double-check information, it is the company’s strict policy not to provide the caller with the required account number and details unless they’ve got all the information required. If the client is unable to provide their account information, they are asked to call back with the proper information. This is a security measure that was adopted to protect our clients from any potential fraudulent use of their account. For your personal/company’s vital protection, your account number should not be given out to anyone. If for some reason you decide to provide your account number to a second party, you do so in understanding that your personal/company account is responsible for any and all payments without exemption.

Why Choose Liberty Yellow Cab as Your Business
and Corporate Transportation Company?

Everyone can say they’re the best taxi service near you but not everyone can deliver; still, Liberty Yellow Cab can. Even when you are on a tight schedule, a safe, punctual and comfortable ground transportation service is just a phone call away. Liberty Yellow Cab is all about top-notch service and customer satisfaction which is why you can expect to get the most professional, reliable taxicab service in NY.

Your business travels are our business – and we continually do everything in our power to make them as comfortable and reliable as possible. Liberty Yellow Cab accomplished drivers will choose the best routes to take you to your destination while you use that time to take care of your last-minute work updates, important phone calls, business presentations or – well – have a nap at the back of your black car rental. Why not take the advantage of hiring class-A corporate car service with Liberty? In today’s fast-paced, high-demand world, having a dependable and trustworthy corporate car to rely on will do your business good.

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We provide Corporate Accounts. Please fill out the Corporate Applications and email or fax it to us. If you have any additional questions or need additional information please contact our accounts manager.


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