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Liberty Yellow Cab To And From Niagara Falls

Welcome to Liberty Yellow Cab

Welcome to Liberty Yellow Cab, the Buffalo’s oldest, largest, and most trusted transportation company.

We’ve been providing top quality ground transportation services in western New York since the 1970s.

Our Non-Emergency Transportation services provide a valuable resource to those with mobility challenges. We will get you, your loved ones to:

1) Doctors Appointments,

2) Hospitals,

3) Physical Therapy,

4) Stroke Rehabilitation,

5) Long Distance Trips,

6) Dental Appointments,

7) Dialysis,

8) Chemotherapy,

9) Non-Emergency Hospital Visits.

If you want to choose us as your Preferred Medical or Non- Emergency Medical Transportation Service, CALL MEDICAL ANSWERING SERVICE:
MAS: 1- 800- 651- 7040 or contact them across the website https: .
Thank you for your confidence! Your Liberty team!


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Many times getting a taxi to take you around different places you want to visit may be difficult. Sometimes, you might need to book, call and wait. However, as technology advances in the world, things are becoming easier and long processes are becoming shortened. With mobile phones, you can achieve quite a lot of things. Applications and software programmed by people have solved quite a lot of problems. Liberty yellow been a technologically driven transportation company, have added a quite impressive add on to our service. Liberty yellow is happy to announce to you that an app that can help you enjoy various services from us has been developed.  RIIDE app, as its name suggests is an app that will make you have a worthwhile and interesting ride. It makes all of our services accessible to you with ease.


RIIDE app provides you the opportunity to access all our transportation services provided at Liberty yellow. Just imagine, a tap on your mobile phone will make your order for your taxi, select your mode of payment, your preferred route, the type of car you want, the time you want to travel and others. This is absolutely a multipurpose one. It will save you the stress of going to the office or describing your route to the driver and others. On RIIDE app, you can choose the driver you want, this might just be helpful in avoiding any issue with your preferred driver since you chose him yourself. RIIDE affords you a very smooth journey, as you would have selected your route right before you start your journey.


RIIDE ensures easy pay method from your account right to our account without any stress. It will save you any trouble, usually encountered with various transportation services. And with the presence of broadband internet almost everywhere, you can login and order for your transportation services with ease. The app gives you access to a large number of our taxi, which means you can choose from a lot of options and determine the kind of ride you get. Peradventure, you are the kind of customer that loves some kind of cars, you can choose your special ride and start your journey with joy.


To get this app is not a problem, just download it from the play store, and you are good to go. Also, our social media platforms are available, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER. Get the app today and enjoy seamless and delightful rides around your proposed routes. 


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Liberty Yellow Cab To And From Niagara Falls



Traffic jam at Airport

An airport is usually very busy and with a clumsy environment. If you are a regular air traveler, you must have been aware of the problems and issue people face meeting up with their air travel arrangements and all. This problem stems from a lot of reasons, however, the major issue is because of the problem of getting fast and efficient transportation means to the airport. Many have missed flights as a result of either traffic on their way to the airport or the problem of looking for car parks around the airport, which is always a difficult one. Whatever problem or issue is associated with air travels; it is sure one of the most efficient ways of transportation. Peradventure, you are going for a long vacation soon, and you are worried about how to combat this issue, you have no need to worry any longer, Liberty yellow cab is here for you.

Problems with heavy bags

The need for a means of transportation to the airport is very important and necessary. Travelers move in with bags and baggage, which most times may serve as a burden for them, even before getting to the Airport. However, with our cabs at Liberty cabs, you can move your bags easily from your place of residence to the airport. Also, the structure of the airport and airways, and also as a result of population flocking airways, lateness to the airport can be very bad. No one wants to get to the airport and find out that he is late. It is the plan of every air traveler to get to the airport very early. Liberty cabs would be of massive help in making sure that you arrive the airport early.

No stress with Liberty

Most times traveling by air can be very stressful, you might have to be in the plane for a lot of hours, it won’t be good to start your air travel, disorganized and tired, after witnessing long hours of traffic from the road. You need to start your journey looking fresh and not fatigued. Also, the reason for travels ranges from travelers to travelers, for some they are traveling for business, education or medical attention. For people looking for medical attention, the struggles of getting a means of the transport system to the airport are uncalled for, a cab from their residence will be of great help easing them of troubles that might affect their health.

Driving with comfort Liberty cabs

With the comfort of our cabs, you can be assured of proper and adequate comfort before you kick-start your travel.So as you start making plans for your travels make sure you add Liberty cabs into your plans. Visit us at for more information’s and to read about us and our services.