Liberty Yellow Cab has been your number one choice for over four decades now and there’s no reason for that tradition to change, especially with us introducing elderly transportation services to Buffalo NY and Niagara Falls NY. A totally different experience to other non emergency medical transportation services, Liberty Yellow Cab team has taken upon themselves to help the elderly have the most comfortable, stress-free and productive ride to whichever destination they need.
Help Is On The Way
You no longer have to feel guilty for not having the time to help out your loved ones and drive them places; Liberty Yellow Cab team offers exceptional senior transportation services Buffalo NY at very affordable prices, and we promise to take care of your loved ones’ rides with care, compassion and a sensitive ear. Our chauffeurs are professionals with years of experience, mild temper and the necessary Medicaid knowledge to handle any potentially uncomfortable situation. The seniors are guaranteed to enjoy their ride, no matter the occasion they are attending or the durability of the trip.
Fully Equip and Ready Medical Transportation
What should be comforting enough is that Liberty Yellow Cab offers anything from wheelchair transportation and dialysis transportation to stretcher transportation as part of our medical transportation services; so, in case the elderly need assistance with any form of Medicaid, you can count on Liberty team to help out. With our wheelchair accessible car services in Buffalo and Niagara, every ride promises to be smooth and reliable.
Stay Connected
Liberty Yellow Cab team will take you to your doctor’s appointment, help you arrive safely to your friend’s house, go shopping or get you to any other place you want to go to. You’ll be getting full support from the moment you leave the house and enter the vehicle to the moment you reach your destination. Our team will accompany you to your appointment if needed, and even take notes in case necessary. And when you decide to go home – our team is there to take you back. Count on our adult day services transportation to be your first choice from now on.Let our team of caring staff drive you to:■ Medical procedures, medical testing & other medical appointments■ Therapy■ Doctor’s appointments■ Pick up prescriptions■ Hairdresser or barber appointments■ Special occasions (weddings, birthday parties, reunions, graduations, etc)■ Family and friends’ gatherings■ Lectures, religious services, concerts, plays■ Grocery shopping, dropping off/picking up dry cleaning, etc.Liberty Yellow Cab would appreciate you giving us at least 24h notice when you need our assistance with non emergency medical transportation service so that everything can be arranged for your benefit and utmost comfort. Our team is available 7 days a week all year round, including holidays.