When in need, most people think “If only there was a taxi service near me with a medical van service and at affordable prices!” – and if they happen to find Liberty, they’re in luck! If you live in any of the WNY counties and need a reliable medical non-emergency transportation near you, Liberty Yellow Cab is the company to call.

Clients’ needs and requirements do vary – yet our commitment to providing an excellent medical transportation service is always the same. Thus, the quality of service our company provides doesn’t change either. Apart from offering fantastic regular taxi service in Buffalo, Liberty Yellow Cab offers Medical transportation in WNY counties as well. All you need to do is browse for a taxi nearby that offers medical van service and you’ll quickly realize that Liberty Yellow Cab is the best choice. For any questions involving medical transportation with our company, please give us a call 716-877-7111.

Why booking your medical transportation service with Liberty Yellow Cab may be the best decision to make today?

The goal of Liberty Yellow Cab Medical Transportation Service is to enable everyone in Buffalo, Ny – including passengers with special needs and elderly people – to arrive to their destination safely and in absolute comfort. With Liberty Yellow Cab medical service not only will you be able to get to your doctor’s appointment, but you’ll also have the option to go around town, get places, and go about your day easily. Your private driver will make sure he/she takes the best routes to make your trip as convenient as possible. Even if you are traveling in a larger group, Liberty Yellow Cab will make sure to provide the best medical ground transportation. Not every taxi service can pride on a range of fully equipped vehicles, medical van driver and very friendly staff ready to assist you at any given moment, but Liberty can. Why? Because we care for your needs.

To book a medical trip, contact M.A.S. at 800-651-7040 Make sure to request Liberty Cab as your ground transportation provider.

Travel peacefully with the best Western NY cab company.

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