Mileage Rates - Liberty Yellow Cab of Buffalo, NY


Hiring a taxi service shouldn’t be a costly, budget-unfriendly undertake; it shouldn’t be an undertaking at all but a norm everyone is to enjoy and – at reasonable prices and rates.

The company’s culture is to keep our customers continually satisfied, on time and relaxed which makes Liberty Yellow Cab the best taxi service you’ll find in Buffalo, NY. The company’s experienced chauffeurs know the roads and have ways to avoid even the most difficult of traffic jams. Be positive you’ll get to your intended destination in time, and hassle-free. As far as the prices go, you’ll stay on the budget and still get a relaxed, reliable, and cozy ride. Whether you are traveling outside of town, taking a short ride to your office, booking us for medical transportation (as you know, Liberty does have a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles), or using us for any other ride – you’ll be getting the best cab service without breaking the bank. When you need a high-quality executive service, Liberty Yellow Cab will help with that, too. With no additional costs for this limo service nearby, you’ll travel to your business meeting, airport, or neighboring corporate event in style. Give our dispatchers a call and ask for a town car or an executive cab – that’s all it takes. It does feel great getting top-notch service at affordable rates, doesn’t it?

Standard Rates

It is our firm belief that the customers should not have to pay unreasonable rates for an excellent service when in need of a ride. That being said, Liberty comes as a sound option, doesn’t it? Below is a list of our standard mileage rates and fees based on average traffic flow and distance. Please contact us to get a quote for special arrangements. Please note the price increase effective immediately:


Twelve Dollars Minimum rate for any ride, includes the first 2 miles.


Sixty Cents for each additional 1/6 mile or any part thereof.


Waiting Time 60 cents for each minute.


Thirty Dollars wheelchair drop rate.


Fourty Five Dollars hourly waiting time.


Five Dollars Fourty Cents drop for first 1/6 mile.